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ATM XCHANGE offers a range of ATMs / Services and will help you choose the right model for your location. From space-restricted locations to high traffic sites, we make sure that you receive the right machine for your business. We also make sure you choose the investing model that best suits your needs. We can provide a free ATM - either self filled or cash managed - or sell you your own ATM. .........LEARN MORE BELOW!

End to End ATM Deployment - Free ATM

  • We provide a brand new ATM for your location
  • We provide the cash for the ATM
  • We take care of all maintenance and repairs
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  • We provide full insurance for the ATM
  • We provide you a percentage of the surcharge based on the amount of transactions per month
  • 100% Hands off

Partnership - 50/50

  • We provide the ATM for your location
  • You provide the load cash
  • We provide next day cash replenishment to your bank
  • Online Monitoring System
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  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Keep 50% of the surcharge fee - Daily Deposits

Buy Your Own ATM

  • Keep 100% of the Surcharge
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Online Monitoring System
  • Free Processing - Next Day Deposits
  • Free Paper for life
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  • Free 24/7 Support
  • 1 Year Warranty on all parts
  • Extended Warranty Available

Already own an ATM?
If you currently own an ATM and your existing ATM processing contract is about to expire, ATM XCHANGE offers free ATM processing with no miscellaneous fees.

ATM XCHANGE offers the following value added benefits to all of our customers:

  • No charge for account changes
  • 100% of surcharge settled daily
  • 100% of vault cash settled daily
  • No charge for surcharge splits
  • Free Network Sponsorship
  • Free Bank Sponsorship
  • More transactions, we take 10% more cards than other leading processors
  • Free Internet Reporting (Live Real-Time transaction updates)
  • Certified techs on staff
  • Office support that always answers the phone
  • After hours paging service for emergency technical assistance